July 2, 2022
12 SEO Trends To Rank & Perform Better In 2022

12 SEO Trends To Rank & Perform Better In 2022

While nobody could predict how 2020 began and changed the world, like many industries, the SEO industry quickly adapted and is evolving according to the changing needs & demands.

By 2022, it is expected that SEO rankings will be more competitive than ever. So, if you want to succeed in the SEO game, you need to keep yourself updated at all times with the new and constantly changing SEO trends. With this knowledge, you can optimize your website and rank higher on Google.

93% of online experiences begin with a simple search. SEO enhanced strategies ensure that your brand shows up on these searches.

SEO generates large amounts of traffic and helps brands get more, better leads. 2022 is right around the corner, and while 100% accurate predicting is hard, we’ve come up with a research-based list of SEO trends to help you rank higher in search results in 2022.

SEO strategy for 2022: Trends to rank & perform better in 2022

SEO is fast-evolving to match the demands of the upcoming year and beyond. In this blog, we are sharing some upcoming SEO trends of 2022. For more information or help, you can always consult SEO Free listing.

Concentrate on passage indexing

Passage Indexing is a new Google update. It is a small but significant tweak that can be used by SEO. The update aims to help search engines understand the content better to deliver the best results to searchers. In it, Google extracts a passage that is relevant from a webpage based on the query relevancy. This is done even in cases where the page’s overall topic is a little different. It focuses on natural language as well as long-tail search queries.

Long-form content is the future

The shift to long-form content might seem like a surprise, but it has been proven that 3000+ words of content captivate and engage more readers visiting websites today. Such pages get more traffic & more shares compared to short-form content. Quality long-form content is the way to go in 2022 to keep the viewers engaged and the search rankings high. However, the long-form content should be broken down into subsections with subheadings to make it easy to read, easy-to-browse, and mobile-friendly. It should also be easily shareable.

For YMYL, with love

YMYL, also known as Your Money or Your Life, pages are pages that, according to Google, can impact “the future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users”. So, if you have a YMYL page, meaning if your page has information that can affect the health, financial status, happiness, safety, and wellbeing of the reader, you must be extra cautious with what you share. It can be a stock tips page, a cryptocurrency page, a mommy blog with important parenting advice, a news or science or law page, and much more. Since incorrect information in these pages can harm individuals, Google has extremely high rating criteria for YMYL pages. So, optimize it, maintain accuracy, & ensure Google enjoys the content.

Proper image optimization is a must

From user experience to conversion, images contribute a lot to the user experience. For this reason, in 2022 brands are expected to optimize high-quality pictures (product or shoot or otherwise) by presenting custom file names & alt tags. Other image optimization techniques include choosing the right format, compressing, optimizing image title, including captions, and more. They enhance customer experience, helping in improving search rank.





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